Photo credits: Isabelle Stauffer

Food is everywhere nowadays. It is instantly available in restaurants and stores, advertised on every corner of the street and has also been sneakily integrated into our social media feeds.

Have you ever paused to become aware of the context in which you are making food choices?

With this project we took a deep dive into food decision making and how that may look like in the future. This project had multiple outcomes:

  • a funny booklet with comics
  • speculative future scenarios
  • experiential eating events

Scripted - an experiential dinner

The experiential dinner is a three-course meal that serves different future perspectives. With each course the setting of the restaurant changes in every aspect. Going from authorative to informative to … , the participants always start to discuss and speculate about the future of our food system which creates a great dynamic!

Photo credits: Tomas Uyttendaele

Scripted at your venue?

Are you looking for a unique teambuilding for your company? Do you want to host an unforgettable experience at your venue? Are you looking to have different & refreshing conversations at the table?

Scripted – the experiential dinner – might just be what you are looking for!

Scripted - 5 speculative scenarios

The project started with research into the (invisible) communication that happens between food & humans. The findings from the research were then translated into speculative future scenarios. Each of the scenarios describes a different futuristic world where the way in which we engage with food has changed completely.

These scenarios were eventually used to create experiential eating performances. The performances were all scripted around the future of our food choices.

Do you want to develop your own creative concepts?

Do you want to integrate new and innovative experiential concepts for visitors? Are you looking to host an event, experience or workshop at your venue?