Food is everywhere nowadays. It is instantly available in restaurants and stores, advertised on every corner of the street and has also been sneakily integrated into our social media feeds.

Have you ever paused to become aware of the context in which you are making food choices?

During Scripted you’ll get served different scenarios that speculate on the future of our food choices. It is a three-course meal that offers different future perspectives, raises questions and is accompanied by delicious food. 

Are you communicating effectively towards the future you would like to see?

Photo credits: Isabelle Stauffer & Tomas Uyttendaele

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Wij namen deel met 16 collega's aan het belevingsdiner Scripted. Het was erg fijn om samen over de toekomst van onze voeding na te denken tijdens een gezellig etentje. De verschillende voorgelegde scenario's zorgden ervoor dat we de toekomst echt konden beleven, dit resulteerde in erg grappige momenten en interessante discussies!

Stina - Knight Moves

The concept of Scripted was created and validated during the scope of two residencies: the Mise en Place program at Deli Social (Lausanne, Switzerland) and the Foodways residency at Timelab (Ghent, Belgium). 

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