Playful eating workshops

Playful eating workshops

Do you dare to get playful with your food? Have you ever questioned the way you eat? During the playful eating workshop I challenge participants to approach their food differently. Maybe your food has to tell you a great story or it wants to connect you with your body. Considering how you eat may result in sensorial, mindful and intuitive experiences that bring great pleasure to the act of eating!

 Completely tailored to your needs the workshop will enable you to dive deeper into the theory of secret seasoning, a framework for playful eating that I created together with Ferran Altarriba Bertran. It’ll get you out of your comfort zone into an experimental and playful mind of state.

The playful eating workshop is great for teambuildings, family gatherings, art events, exhibitions and more!

Scripted Sandwich

Scripted Sandwich

Food is everywhere nowadays. It is instantly available in restaurants and stores, advertised on every corner of the street and has also been sneakily integrated into our social media feeds. 

Have you ever paused to become aware of the language food products use to address you? 

Scripted Sandwich is an experiential event that I developed during my residency within the Mise en Place program at Deli Social (Lausanne, Switzerland). Would you dare to imagine and test a futuristic language to use with food?

Photo credits: Isabelle Stauffer

The evolutionary & edible futures of choice

Do you find food products rather aggressive in the way they try to capture your attention in stores & restaurants? Or do they always hit the right spot for you when they tell you they’re tasty, healthy, and sustainable?

How do you respond to the expressive communication of food?

Do you sometimes start a silent conversation questioning the statements on food products? Does the lack of true transparency get you frustrated?

Or do you ignore the messages that the food industry sends out to you like that date you ghosted two months ago?

It’s time to evaluate those interactions that happen between you and food! 

What choices will you make when food starts to address you differently? Which feelings could their new communication style evoke within you?

Are you communicating effectively towards the future you would like to see?

Interested in a collaboration?

Are you looking to host an event, experience or workshop at your venue? Do you want to integrate new and innovative experiential concepts for visitors?

Food meditation & storytelling

Food meditation & storytelling

Acting as a food appreciation facilitator, Elise aims to enable participants to enjoy food mindfully. 

During a food meditation and storytelling session, the partakers are guided through a story that is scripted around a certain food item. Whilst they are led into a completely different world, all of their senses will be engaged. The delicious story has an educational value as well as enables participants to connect with both the food item as well as their bodies.

Cookie meditation

During the cookie meditation session participants are invited to envision and visit a bakery in the middle of a green grassfield. There they meet the baker who shows them how he is making the cookies, making the participants smell, knead and taste. In a slow pace, partakers were taken through a conscious eating experience whilst enjoying a freshly baked cookie in a very mindful way.

Interested in creating a food and meditation session around your brand or product?
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