Secret Seasoning

Imagine a world in which we do not only look for cooking inspiration, but also for eating inspiration. Just to make sure that each meal is enjoyable in a very different way. Secret Seasoning aims to unlock your creativity and to enable you to discover your personal & unique relationship with food.

Are you looking to create unforgettable dinners for your guests, friends or family? Do you want to be innovative within the eating scene? Are you tired of putting all your efforts into the cooking of a meal? Do you want to find new ways to be the best possible host?

Add secret seasoning to your meal! The eating experience will definitely end up surprising, sensorial, maybe a little bit out of the comfort zone, but above all FUN and very memorable if you add at least one of the playful ingredients that are part of the secret seasoning framework. 

Bon appetit!

Discover the 8 ingredients:

Looking for more inspiration for your secret seasoning practice?

We’ve bundled up all of the ingredients together with numerous practical examples from Elise’s practice into an inspirational guide to joyful eating. The book will go over all the ingredients of secret seasoning in depth while providing you with a lot of visual material, hands-on prompts and reflections on eating.

Do you want to dive deeper? Book yourself a playful eating workshop!

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