Secret Seasoning: Inspirational guide to joyful eating

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Secret Seasoning aims to unlock your creativity and to enable you to discover your personal & unique relationship with food. This inspirational guide is the first book ever to provide you with eating inspiration! Because a memorable meal experience doesn’t only comprise deliciously cooked food.


Are you looking to create unforgettable dinners for yourself, your family, friends or guests?

Do you want to be innovative within the eating scene?

Are you seeking new ways to be the best possible host?

This book might me something for you!

Just like normal herbs, salts and spices, secret seasoning comprises different ingredients that you can add to a meal. Only instead of changing the flavour of the food, secret seasoning will change the flavour of the whole experience! The ingredients turn eating into increasingly playful, fun and memorable events.

The inspirational guide will go over all the ingredients of secret seasoning in depth while providing you with a lot of visual material, hands-on prompts and reflections on eating. You can use the guide to start experimenting with playful eating yourself. But more than that it aims to serve as a source of inspiration to create your own playful experiences and then mesmerize your guests with well-orchestrated dinners that are unforgettable!

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