Food Flirt

In our current society, we are continuously seduced by food. Our mouths start watering when we walk past that burger billboard in the street. Our stomachs start grumbling when we are relaxing our minds on social media feeds and encounter an endless array of #foodpic and #foodporn images.

Food is everywhere and it gets us every time. Longing, craving, desiring. In a way we cannot help it. We are wired to be attracted to food as these nourishments helped us survive throughout history. What if this wasn’t the case and food needed to intentionally seduce us in order to be eaten? Difficult to imagine such a thing? We’ve got you! 


About the project

This project is a collaboration between Ana Gutman and Elise Coudré, two food designers with an established practice in food & eating photography and visual language. Food Flirt started as a visual exploration of unusual links and hidden undertones within our current food culture. Our interest was soon drawn towards the seductive qualities food nowadays needs to have in order to please the hungry eyes of people. What if food adopted other strategies to convince us to take a bite? 

Through an extensive research process, we explored different seduction rituals existent in the natural world to then imagine those scenarios around a food-centered narrative. This with the aim to exaggerate the feeling of temptation we as humans have in the presence of food and, most of all, reflect on our own emotionally complex relationship with it.