Acting as a food appreciation facilitator, elifoodre aims to enable participants to enjoy food mindfully.

During a food meditation and storytelling session, the partakers are guided through a story that is scripted around a certain food item. Whilst they are led into a completely different world, all of their senses will be engaged. The delicious story has an educational value as well as enables participants to connect with both the food item as well as their bodies.

cookie meditation

During a cookie meditation session participants are invited to envision and visit a bakery in the middle of a green grassfield. There they meet the baker who shows them how he is making the cookies, making the participants smell, knead and taste. In a slow pace, partakers were taken through a conscious eating experience whilst enjoying a freshly baked cookie in a very mindful way.

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mindful coffee

A short guided meditation video that was created for any coffee drinker. Whether you enjoy your coffee at home, while commuting or in a coffee bar.

mindful eating = the future!

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