Experience design & art

Eating is a multisensory experience.  However way too often we’re only focused on the taste and looks of our food. We forget to pay attention to the setting, we snack away while scrolling, we take the true value of food for granted. Have we forgotten what it means to eat?

What if experiencing food became a very personal and memorable event?

Designing for eating means more than just preparing food and enabling people to sit. It means shaping the way the eater will feel while being occupied with consuming the food items.

What is the most special eating experience you’ve ever lived? Why was it so wonderful?


Are you looking to create mesmerising experiences for your guests that are out of the box and out of the ordinary? Do you want to incorporate more consciousness and mindfulness into your events? Are you ready to discover your personal relationship to food?

Don’t know where to start?

I can help you to unlock your creative potential!

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