We don’t only eat because we are hungry. Our emotions play a big part in the food choices we make.

Photo by Hans Gaston

Should food be capable of putting you at ease (mentally as well as physically)? What does truly comforting food feel like?

Comfort is a feeling

Exhibition with 8 installations that made people think about food, their relationship to it and its comforting qualities.

Showcased in September 2023 during Open Monumentendag  within the beautiful setting of an old banquet hall in the middle of a hip beer hub in Mechelen (Belgium): Bier Central. 

Special thanks to Radar Mechelen, Bier Central, Stad Mechelen, Pringles, Kurt & René.

Photo by Hans Gaston

Photo by Hans Gaston

Photo by Hans Gaston

What does comfort food mean to you?

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Click next to start a short questionnaire on comfort food. I might use your answers as a source of inspiration for future art installations ;).

Wat betekent comfort food voor jou?

Klik op volgende om een korte bevraging over comfort food te starten. Misschien gebruik ik je antwoorden wel als inspiratiebron bij het creëren van toekomstige kunstinstallaties ;).