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I’m Elise Coudré and I’m an eating & experience designer - artist.

Elise Coudré is a belgian eating & experience designer – artist. Her interest has always been drawn to the psychology of eating and the unique relationship that each individual has with food. In 2019 she graduated with a Master in Industrial Design at the University of Antwerp with her thesis project that aimed to support parents of a child with an eating disorder during mealtimes. She has been living over Spain, Belgium and Switzerland in the past years. At the beginning of 2020, she started an ongoing project in documenting different, playful ways of eating, showcased on the instagram profile @elifoodre. Through this project she continues to explore the psychology of eating while questioning the status quo of our eating behaviour and food culture.

Elise has a broad range of interests, but is currently very passionate about food & emotions (the ‘WHY’ of our eating), food and psychology, our society’s established eating behaviour and habits, diet culture and mindful eating (the involvment of our body and senses in the act of eating).

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