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My name is Elise Coudré and I’m a conceptual artist and experience designer

My work is characterized by playfulness, mindfulness & thought-provoking elements. Also, it’s usually about food (that is: our eating habits and established food culture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

As a conceptual artist...

I put my creativity to use while exploring new ideas and narratives. I think critically about our society and turn my observations into new opportunities. 

Have you ever thought about eating more joyfully? Do you know about the existence of Secret Seasoning? Have you wondered about how we will engage with our food in the future? Can we be the past our future wants to see? 

From playful eating to future food scenario’s, I dare to challenge the status quo and I am excited to hear about the questions that are keeping you up at night. 

Have a project in mind?

Photo by Isabelle Stauffer

Photo by Thomas Uyttendaele

As an experience designer...

I turn thoughts into feelings. We are all emotional beings and there is nothing more beautiful in life than being moved. 

I’ve created experiential dinners during which diners were confronted with their beliefs & perceptions. Those evenings are memorable because of the discussions and valuable exchanges that happen at the table. Some ideas even continue to linger in people’s heads long after the event has happened. I make food meditation and storytelling sessions that guide people through engaging stories while enabling them to eat certain food items with all of their senses. 

Do you want to immerse your guests with a certain experience? 

I am happy to get involved in your project!


Playful Mindful Provocative Multi-sensorial

Exhibitions & performances











Nothing/Everything to Declare 
Group exhibition
Academie Mechelen, Mechelen (Belgium)

Scripted – an experiential dinner 
Timelab, Ghent (Belgium)

PRIMA – 250 jaar Academie Mechelen 
Group exhibition
Installation: ‘What remains after the birthday cake: dirty plates & birthday wishes’
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Mechelen (Belgium)

Scripted Sandwich
Deli Social, Lausanne (Switzerland)

HOW do YOU eat?
La Botanica,  Barcelona (Spain)

A Peace of Chocolate
Aalto University – Design Driven Foresight






A first-person, design-led exploration into the playful potential of eating 
Envisioning & experiencing food
Efood22, Lisbon (Portugal)

Komoon: Supporting parents with children with and eating disorder 2nd place poster award VAE conference
VAE conference, Brussels (Belgium)