What does eating mean to you?

Does it simply fulfil your body’s need for nutrition? Or is it a social act that serves to connect you with loved ones? Maybe you eat when feeling certain emotions. Possibly those emotions can make you stop eating at all..

Through experiences, creative imagery, workshops, … Elifoodre aims to make people more mindful, intuitive and conscious about eating. Elifoodre’s work questions society’s established eating behaviour and food culture in a  very playful and provocative way .

Experience design Photography Performances Concept development

Experience design & art

Eating is a multisensory experience.  However way too often we’re only focused on the taste and looks of our food. We forget to pay attention to the setting, we snack away while scrolling, we take the true value of food for granted. Have we forgotten what it means to eat?

What if experiencing food became a very personal and memorable event?

Designing for eating means more than just preparing food and enabling people to sit. It means shaping the way the eater will feel while being occupied with consuming the food items.

What is the most special eating experience you’ve ever lived? Why was it so wonderful?

Atmospheric image of the experiential dinner Eetbare Toekomst by Tomas Uyttendaele

Photography & graphic design

Are you looking for a creative way to communicate your message about food? Do you want to give food itself a voice?

From imaginary to imagery, I would love to be your food translator!

Looking for inspiration?

Have you ever seen a book with eating inspiration? A book that’s almost like a cooking book, but instead will help you to eat more joyfully?

Check out Secret Seasoning, the inspirational guide to joyful eating!